App: GDPR for Service Desk Home

On 25th May 2018 the GDPR was passed into law in the European Union. All European and all foreign companies processing the data of EU residents must comply with the EU data protection law. With GDPR for Service Desk, you can easily ensure that your Service Desk complies with the new GDPR rules to help protect your users and avoid fines.

GDPR for Service Desk offers help with:

  • Add URL for data protection policy
  • Add URL for imprint
  • Acceptance of privacy policy upon signing up
  • Users can request deletion of their account
  • Deletion requests will be executed after a set number of days
  • Privacy policy audit log
  • Let customer re-confirm privacy policy after this has been updated
  • Inactive user accounts can be anonymised
  • A deletion request anonymises user data across issues, comments and more
  • Integration with Refined Theme for Service Desk and vAgent