The following section explains how to use the Duplicate Page Title plugin to find pages with the same title as previously created pages. In this way it is possible to set a common structure.

1. For example, there is a space called 'The Doubles'. This space consists of many pages with many subpages. There is a page with the title 'Requirements recording' which is a part of 'Requirements management' and you want to create subpages with titles like  'Description' or 'Method procedure'.

2. To create a page titled 'Description' click on the page 'Requirements recording'.

3. Continue by clicking 'Create' to add a new page, which is automatically located below the 'Requirements recording' page.

4. After you have added content to your page, you then need to publish it.

5. A popup appears informing you that a page with this title already exists - the app recognises the Atlassian error message and allows you to add a special prefix to your page title by clicking 'Okay, do it'. To complete the process, you have to reload the page

If you do not wish to proceed in this way, click on 'No, thanks' and you will be able to change the page title.

6Now we have created a tree structure which contains common branches. We have the possibility to assign a 'Description' and 'Method procedure' to all parts of the requirement.