Release Notes - Version 1.4.0


  • Proof of privacy policy Audit log
  • Reinitialise request for another privacy policy acceptance?
  • Possibility to include the privacy policy text inside a scrolling text box in the Privacy Policy Notification confirm/cancel window?
  • Anonymize all inactive users after X months after setting user to inactive?
  • Anonymising inactive users manually
  • vGDPR working with RefinedTheme
  • Enable deletion of anonymised users
  • Enable deletion of anonymised request


  • To many rest calls in all jira pages
  • GDPR Simulator does not show any issues, comments etc

Release Notes - Version 1.3.2

Reduced Settings

  • The configuration of the app has been simplified (Simplify the configuration of the app). By setting/deleting the Imprint and Privacy Policy links will enable/disable them. 

Added Setting:

  • The option to include the privacy policy URL in the privacy policy pop-up dialog.
  • Remove Feature: User Account Deletion.
  • Replaced with User Anonymisation.

New Feature: User Anonymisation

  • Users can request anonymisation of their accounts on their Service Desk profile page by clicking the 'Delete User Account' link.
  • Administrators will be able to directly simulate requests, change the timeframe of anonymisation or make it anonymous.
  • Requests will be anonymised automatically after a given timeframe (Default Timeframe or admin changed).
  • The administrator can change the timeframe of a request to 0 and schedule its anonymisation to take place during the current working day (the nearest time is 13:00, 15:00, or 17:00).

New App Page: Anonymisation

  • All requirements are displayed in a table along with all relevant configuration options. (Rows in the table can be selected to be modified by other actions on the page; Execute Selected, Anonymise Selected, Set Timeframe for Selected.) 

Added options to Anonymisation page;

  • Default period - Ability to specify a default period for new requests to be anonymised. If you set this option to 0, new requests will be anonymised immediately.
  • Set timeframe for selected requests - Ability to override the default timeframe for selected requests. The new timeframe is calculated from the date of the change.
  • Anonymise all ( all was? Users?) - Anonymises all requests in the table that have not been anonymised yet.
  • Anonymise selected (selected users?) - Anonymises selected requests in the table.
  • Simulate Selected (users?) - Redirects and simulates selected requests in a new view.
  • Options within each requirement row in the table to instantly execute or simulate a requirement by clicking the user's name.

New App page: Simulate (hidden)

  • Access possible by simulating one or more requests on the Anonymization page. Shows the simulated anonymization process in a query-structured view after the user's profile, comments, and problems are lost.

Added options to Simulate page

  • Anonymise All - Anonymises all simulated requests on the page.
  • Option within the view to anonymise issues and comments for the relevant request separately.

Release Notes - Version 1.2.1

Reduced options for the configuration screen

  • Merged 'Data Link Text' and 'Data Link URL'
  • Merged 'Imprint Link Text' and 'Imprint Link URL'

Added confirmation of privacy policy for existing customers.

Improved language

Release Notes - Version 1.1.1


  • [VITHR-17] Username marked with '@' was not changed to 'unknown' (Permission Issue)
  • [VITHR-18] User was not logged out from Jira if he deleted his account from Service Desk.

Release Notes - Version 1.1.0

Added feature to delete own account

  • Service Desk users are now able to delete their own accounts in the profile screen, this will anonymise the user completely changing his name to unknown and changing his e-mail to 'unknown@...'

Release Notes - Version 1.0.0

New page 'Your Configuration'

  • Add imprint and privacy policy labels and links under every Jira page
  • Added checkbox on Service Desk sign up with a text next to it which can be customised in the configuration

Added checkbox to sign up page

  • User is now required to accept the privacy policy on sign up