On the user side of the GDPR for Service Desk add-on, the user will have to accept the privacy policy on sign up, or for already existing users on login. Deletion requests can be made which will be executed after a set timeframe, however, these requests can always be revoked.

Deletion means that the user will be completely anonymised and that the user won't be able to login to the account anymore.

Signing up

On sign up the user has to accept the privacy policy, otherwise the user won't be able to sign up.

Deletion Request

  • After entering the profile and selecting 'Delete User Account' a popup will appear.
  • In this popup the user is informed of the default timeframe. If the user decides to delete his profile he/she will be logged out.
  • Note that the administrator can always change the timeframe.
  • Anonymisation requests are executed after the specified x number of days at 01:00.
  • After logging in again, a banner will be shown at the top of the screen, with a countdown to the deletion and an option to 'Revoke deletion'.
  • If the user decides to revoke the deletion, the banner will disappear instantly and the deletion request will be revoked.

Note: The user can still use Jira Service Desk as usual until deletion.

Privacy Policy for already existing users

Every user has to accept the privacy policy, if a user is already registered and logs into Jira Service Desk, a popup will be shown which will prompt the user to accept the privacy policy.

If the user does not accept it, the user will be logged out and won't be able to use Jira Service Desk.