Focus View

Admins can further restrict the details screen by enabling "focus views". For each focus view you can define a screen with distinct fields, a distinct layout and most importantly a more finely-grained permission structure. An example of such a finely-grained structure is that admin can choose which users or groups should be allowed to see the layout, and even more importantly, he/she can write a groovy script which returns a list of users who should be allowed to view this layout. The 'focus views' function is only available in 'Early access'.

  1. Select Layouts Scheme in the sidebar on the left.
    The list of Layout Schemes will be displayed.
  2. Click on Configure Focus View
  3. Click on Add .
    The "Focused Views" dialog will be displayed

Configure focus view

Fill out the following fields:

  1. Navigation Item Name
  2. Navigation Item Icon
  3. Select Layout
  4. Select Groups
  5. Select Users
  6. Groovy Script