Layout schemes are what allow you to associate layouts with particular issue types and/or projects. A layout scheme can be associated with one or more projects or issue types. If a default view is not selected, the system default will be selected. 

  1. Select Layout Schemes in the sidebar on the left.
    The list of Layout Schemes will be displayed.
  2. Click Add Layout Scheme in the top right hand corner.
    The "Add new layout scheme" dialog will be shown.
  3. Enter a name for your layout scheme
  4. Choose the project with which the layout scheme should be associated (Leave empty for global.)
  5. Choose the issue types that you want to apply the layout scheme to. (Leave empty for global)
  6. Choose the layout for the system default view. If not selected, default system view will be used 
  7. Click Add to save the newly created Layout Scheme
  8. Make sure the layout scheme is set to Toggled ON