Jira native panels

Jira displays information in panels. There are a number of different panels.  Some are Jira native panels and some are panels from third party apps. Common panels which are used in a Jira Issue are the following:




For all native panels you have the possibility to change the name and also display them headless.

IssueLayout Panels (configurable)

IssueLayout Panels are panels that are more flexibly configurable than the system default panels. You can enable empty fields which allows you to show all fields even if they are empty. Show tabs even when only one exists or decide how many columns should be displayed. 

IssueLayout Details Panel

This Panel is a replacement for the system default details panel. The new panel has basically the same features as the system default panel. The IssueLayout Details Panel adds features such as:

Example view of IssueLayout Panel

IssueLayout Activity

The IssueLayout Activity panel is a replacement for the System default Activity panel. It contains the all panels from the Activity panel. Here you have the possibility to decide which panels from the activity panel should be shown. Click on the eye icon to hide the panels which you do not want to be displayed. Addtionally you can reorder the tabs.

Pop-up Comments panel

This panel is a replacement for the regular comment functionality. It allows you to see the comments as overlay pop-up window instead of scrolling down. Hence you can check the issue details during writing a comment. 

IssueLayout Fields 

This panel allows you to use your favorite fields in the form of tabs. Each tab can have as many fields as you need and the panel itself can have many tabs. This makes it easier and more compact to view you fields on an issue and edit them. Each tab can be renamed and moved as desired and so can fields inside of it. The panel supports Jira system fields and custom fields as well. 


The 'addcommentmodule' adds a button to issues which allows users to leave comments.