How to use it

A table will be displayed containing Issues. Which Issues are being displayed depends on the configuration previously made by an admin. Double click on a value to edit it - some fields may not be editable. 

You can change the order of the issues and their corresponding fields as you like. It is also possible to use arrow keys to navigate the table.

Creating a new issue

Within the table you can create a new issue that will be displayed inside the table. To do this simply click on Add new button. Fill in the required fields and click Create. Now your newly created issue is in the table.

Jira Dashboard

You can also display a table on your Jira Dashboard. To do this head over to your dashboard and click on Add gadget. Type IssueGrid in the search and add it. Find the previously added gadget and click on edit on the drop-down menu.
Here you can specify the name of the gadget, which table you would like to show in your Dashboard, and which issue should the IssueGrid use in order to render the table.