vAgent - NoLogin-Portal

To access the NoLogin portal, all you need to do is to open up your Service Desk page. The only change here, on the Login page, is the addition of the "Continue without creating an account" link. Clicking this link will log in the customer with the user account defined in vAgent.

After selecting a request, the following screen will show up.

The default buttons in the header are replaced with a single "Log In" button which will take the customer back to the Login form. 

After successfully creating a request, the user will be logged in with their newly created account, and will be able to see their new request, as well as modify or change their profile.

If they only view the request, without changing the password, we will sent them an email containing a password reset link, just in case.

After clicking on "Create", a popup will be shown on the top right which will inform the user that an e-mail will be sent to the user's inbox. The email contains an activation link to reset the account password. After entering his/her password, the user can login to the Jira Service Desk instance and see his/her newly created request or create new requests.