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Macro Suite brings new formatting macros for Confluence cloud. This app gives you the ability to create better, more interesting, and engaging content. 

Macros included:

  • Easy HTML - Enables you to add custom HTML and Javascript directly to your Confluence page.
  • Decision Report and Decision Children Report - Allows you to show all decisions from selected pages and their descendants in one macro.
  • Panel - Enables you to format your Confluence content, and make it more attractive.
  • Button - Allows you to create stylized buttons with links to other pages or websites.
  • Countdown Timer - Displays a countdown timer based on a given date.
  • Image Carousel - Allows you to upload images and create a beautiful carousel slider.
  • Page Rating - Use the option to rate Confluence pages. Get an invaluable source of feedback and grab page visitor's attention.

We're constantly adding the most valuable macros for our users. Send us your suggestions.Image Removed

Installation & Licensing

  1. Log into your Confluence cloud instance as an admin.
  2. Click on settings and choose to manage apps.
  3. Locate Macro Suite for Confluence MacroSuite - Button, Decision, HTML & More.
  4. Click Get it now to download and install your app. App is free (smile)
  5. You're all set!
titlePage Rating

Per default, the Page Rating macro is disabled. To start using this macro, it should be enabled in the MacroSuite configuration,

  1. Log into your Confluence cloud instance as an admin.
  2. Visit manage apps section
  3. Locate MacroSuite configuration page
  4. Click on Activate button.
  5. You're all set! Page rating is enabled now.

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