This app will store the permission scheme which was used for the archived project in case the archived project has to be restored. 

The app includes a configuration page, over the Addons section, where the archive permission scheme will be listed and storable. And an action page, over Projects, where the stored permission scheme will in it and setable over the 'Archive' button. If the 'Archive' button is pressed the selected permission scheme will be set on the single project and the button will be changed to 'Restore' with that you can restore the previous permission scheme on the project.

Restore limitation

Only the Jira admin has the rights to restore an archived project

After installation

  • The Jira admin has to pre configured the app, by creating an archive permission scheme with the individual permissions with the characterstics of an archivation

  • Over the Addon button in the general settings you get the configuration page of the app under the section 'vProject Archiver'-Configuration. Select the 'Pre Configuration - vProject Archiver' button,
    choose your created permission scheme and save it. 

  • Now you can archive and restore your Project, by selecting a single project over Settings > Projects > Your Project to archive it. Press the 'vProject Archiver'-button under Summary and ArchiveIT. 
    By restoring they will be set the previous permission scheme.

Set your Scheme

Configure your adapted permission scheme to save it as your Archiver.
The preconfigured scheme will be listed on the 'Set scheme' page, by switching on 'Add-ons'.
Choose your Scheme and 'Save' it to be ready for Archiving.

Archive your projects

With a few small and easy steps, you can archive your project.
For this, someone with the authority of a 'Project Admin' has to click on 'Project setting' and choose 'Archive project'. The admin has to click on 'Archive' and it will be archived.

Immediatly restoring project

In case you falsely archived the project you can restore it immediately and the predecessored permission scheme will be choosen. But to restore a project later is only possible for the jira-admin an not for the project admin.

Have a better overview

With 'vProject Archiver' you can archive projects that you don't need at that time. You have a better structure and overview in your Jira system. Except the jira-admin, no one can see all the archived projects.

Further informations:

The app 'vProject Archiver' offers you the possibility to archive your projects and keep the previous permission scheme. With the using of the app you have a revision-proof storage of your projects.
It provides you the access of the projects any time you need it. This gives a fast availability of information.